About Tom Flicke

Tom has been in the sports fitness industry for over 25 years, is a book author, has been a fitness trainer for many years, and has been successful as a long and triple jumper. He has been training fitness instructors since 2004.

The resistance band has become his favorite training tool and is also an integral part of his trainer education, as it offers the ability to functionally demonstrate almost any exercise from the gym without the need for a lot of equipment or space.

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Tom Flicke studied business and sports to become a teacher. As a teacher at Staatlichen Beruflichen Zentrum Starnberg, he is responsible, among other things, for the sports-related training of sports and fitness merchants. In this context, he is also a member of the supra-regional AkA expert committee for the preparation of the intermediate and final examinations for sports and fitness merchants and sports specialists. He is also a member of the curriculum committee for sports and fitness management assistants and a member of the examination board of the Munich and Upper Bavaria Chamber of Industry and Commerce for sports and fitness management assistants.

He has numerous trainer and advanced training qualifications, is a cooperation partner of TOGU and works as a speaker for the Bavarian State Sports Association BLSV e.V., the Bavarian Table Tennis Association BTTV e.V. and the government of Munich and Upper Bavaria, among others.

His books Tom and Resistance Bands Training

His books

Book: Sportfachlich beraten und betreuen 2021 » Tom Flicke


Sportfachlich beraten und betreuen

Completely revised new edition 2021
The textbook for the theoretical and practical training of fitness trainers. It contains the areas of training theory, physiological and anatomical basics and nutrition.

Book: Tom Flickes Zugband-Konzept » Tom Flicke


Tom Flickes Zugband-Konzept

Functional whole body training with elastic bands

Book: Sportfachlich beraten und betreuen 2009 » Tom Flicke


Sportfachlich beraten und betreuen

For the fitness trainer

History of the resistance band

The resistance band is one of the latex bands, but unlike the "classic" latex bands have a ring shape. The origin of the resistance band goes back to the physiotherapist Erich Deuser, who coached the national soccer team between 1951 and 1982. Deuser used the resistance band specifically for strength training from 1967 onwards.

Resistance bands have become an integral part of fitness training. In fitness studios, but also yoga studios or generally in functional training, the popular "training devices" are often used. In the meantime, textile resistance bands are increasingly replacing the "classic" rubber bands due to their more uncomfortable handling and higher risk of wear.

The textile resistance bands from FlickVit® thus belong to the latest generation in terms of resistance band development. They impress with their special weave, are significantly more comfortable on the skin and do not cut in even during training with high tensile forces. In addition, they are suitable for outdoor use, comfortable to combine, washable and, of course, eco- and hygiene-certified.Our bands become unique in combination with the Flicker. The Flicker is a unique tracker that makes training measurable and provides valuable training advice via the feedback function.

Tom and Resistance Bands Training

How did Tom get into Resistance Bands Training?

Tom had his first contact with elastic bands as a teenager during his active time as a track and field athlete. His coach at the time was already using Thera bands specifically as part of his athletic training. However, Tom only came to the ring-shaped resistance band ten years later during a trim trail experience with a friend who practiced martial arts professionally. He brought a Deuser-Band with him, which Tom had only heard about before. He was immediately enthusiastic and his interest was aroused.

While Tom initially tried to recreate many common training exercises with the resistance band, completely independent exercises emerged over time. Gradually, an ever-growing exercise portfolio developed, which can be used especially in strength training, flexibility training and speed training and can also be adapted to the physical conditions.

In the meantime, the resistance band has become an integral part of his teaching activities and trainer training courses, as it offers the opportunity to introduce a wide range of exercises to a broad audience without the need for a lot of equipment and space, and to differentiate them individually. Even in his private training, resistance bands are indispensable. Thus, there is no training session in which Tom does not use pull straps in some form. Last but not least, as a passionate outdoor athlete, he very often combines a running session with a subsequent resistance band workout – and that with complete flexibility and freedom ;-)

We wish you a lot of fun and good training sessions with the FlickVit resistance bands.
Tom Flicke